Monday, March 2, 2009

The Universe is telling me things I cannot ignore

I've had a lot going on lately, lot's of changes in my life, good and bad, some losses that I am getting used to, and some gains.

Well, I think it will all work out for the best, because the Universe seems to be telling me so. I say this because 2 of my horoscopes this week are so right on the money, it's scary. And, so, I am sharing them, and saying - Yes, universe, I hear you! When can I reap the rewards??? :)

1) As people and situations disappear off the radar, you might ask where they are going. And while you are asking, I suggest you take their fading out as an opportunity to simplify your life. You have good reason to do so, namely that it will provide you with the opportunity to focus on one aspect of your personal goals that will lead you to the most satisfying and moreover authentic success. But herein reside the core issues, of which there are three. There is one dimension of accomplishment that is connected to what you feel you deserve; there is another with how high you set your goals; and another connected to how much discipline you can muster. You need to work on all three aspects of yourself at once. There is one additional challenge -- your most meaningful objective or goal may, at the moment, be mixed in with much other activity that obscures it. So the first thing you must focus on is discernment, and part of that is about knowing yourself. This is the thing that is given lots of chatter in our world, and many people claim to possess this pearl of great price. This month, I will leave you with a question: assuming you feel you possess deep self-knowledge, how would you know if you did not?

2) Beware of People who act like polite jerks or tone-deaf music critics or emotionally numb lovers. While they may be able to teach you a lot about what you DON'T need, they're not worthy candidates dor enduring relationships. Now, let's turn our attention to the question of who exactly does belond on your future team. What encouraging voices should you draw in to your inner sphere? What smart adventurers should be solicited as staunch allies? Which respectful helpers should be rewarded for the good influnces they've had on you? It's an excellent time to make those determinations.

Are those appropriate or WHAT?

Thank you to my wonderful and supportive friends. Ok, enought of being maudlin. Have a great day!

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