Monday, June 9, 2008

I was tagged, and who rocks my socks!

Carol over at Extreme Cards and Paper Crafting tagged me for "Blogging with a Pupose." Thank you!!!

Go check out her pop up tutorials!
I would like to in turn tag:
Heather, my awesome SU! Demonstrator
Lain at Scraphappy, who does my favorite podcast, and
MC from my google group, she's kind our den mother.
I would also have tagged the sisters at Journal Revolution, whom I also love, but I remember reading a post awhile ago that they were tired of beign tagged. BUT go check them out anyway!
Thank you all - I enjoy your blogs!
In the meantime, I've been gone awhile, I've been in sort of a malaise, if you will, where I've been unable to actually DO much of anythingg productive, even though my brain says I should. I know we've all been there!
However, I think I am finally coming out of it.
Unfortunately I've managed to lose an Avon customer, and missed May for my card challenge. :(. Oh well, all I can do is move forward, you know?
More later,


Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm back! With Pop Up Cards

Sorry it's taken a long time to post. I'd actually written something last Friday, and just before I went to post it all, I lost it!

I love technology. :)

I will soon post some photos from my weekend away, much fun was had. In the meantime, I have some cards to share!

I've been following the pop up tutorial at Extreme Cards and Paper Crafting , so the mother's day card is based on the first lesson. I couldn't really decide on how I wanted her card to look, so I decorated inside and out! :) 

Mother's Day Card - Front

Mother's Day Card - Open

And for my dad's birthday, I gave him baseball tickets to the Seattle Mariners - so, i had to make an appropriate card - 

Dad's Birthday - Front

Dad's Birthday - Open

I "borrowed" a snowman card pattern and refashioned it for the baseballs.  The one in front bears the logo for the Seattle Mariners.  He loved it. 


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Joining the blogging revolution.....

Well hello world. I finally decided to be one of those folks who can share the comings and goings of their life over the internet!

So - This is my first post. And well, so far so good. Not quite sure what I am doing yet, but I'll get there.

As it says in the description of the blog, I plan to share my crafts, my thoughts, and talk about weight loss, cats and turtles, and whatever else I can think of.

Can't promise I'll post every day, but I'll try to say something - we will see.

So - bear with me on my new blogging adventure, and if anything seems interesting, feel free to drop me a comment!