Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm back! With Pop Up Cards

Sorry it's taken a long time to post. I'd actually written something last Friday, and just before I went to post it all, I lost it!

I love technology. :)

I will soon post some photos from my weekend away, much fun was had. In the meantime, I have some cards to share!

I've been following the pop up tutorial at Extreme Cards and Paper Crafting , so the mother's day card is based on the first lesson. I couldn't really decide on how I wanted her card to look, so I decorated inside and out! :) 

Mother's Day Card - Front

Mother's Day Card - Open

And for my dad's birthday, I gave him baseball tickets to the Seattle Mariners - so, i had to make an appropriate card - 

Dad's Birthday - Front

Dad's Birthday - Open

I "borrowed" a snowman card pattern and refashioned it for the baseballs.  The one in front bears the logo for the Seattle Mariners.  He loved it.