Monday, June 9, 2008

I was tagged, and who rocks my socks!

Carol over at Extreme Cards and Paper Crafting tagged me for "Blogging with a Pupose." Thank you!!!

Go check out her pop up tutorials!
I would like to in turn tag:
Heather, my awesome SU! Demonstrator
Lain at Scraphappy, who does my favorite podcast, and
MC from my google group, she's kind our den mother.
I would also have tagged the sisters at Journal Revolution, whom I also love, but I remember reading a post awhile ago that they were tired of beign tagged. BUT go check them out anyway!
Thank you all - I enjoy your blogs!
In the meantime, I've been gone awhile, I've been in sort of a malaise, if you will, where I've been unable to actually DO much of anythingg productive, even though my brain says I should. I know we've all been there!
However, I think I am finally coming out of it.
Unfortunately I've managed to lose an Avon customer, and missed May for my card challenge. :(. Oh well, all I can do is move forward, you know?
More later,


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