Sunday, April 3, 2011

Creepy Fun!

Last year, I reconnected with a long lost friend via facebook. She invited me to a "Be Creepy" Party hosted by her friends Iggi and Jesse. And thus begun new wonderful friendships, and friends as strange as I!

This year the party was at the Rendevoux in downtown, and featured Spiderface (local punk band) and a Freak Show. And a couple of us brave souls got up and did "talent." Jesse did a mime show, and a band friend did an awesome burlesque dance. I myself lip synched to "Paparazzi." ( I have to admit lip synching is a secret love of mine. I used to do it as a 13 year old at the contests they had at the Seattle Center. )

It was a wonderful evening where I felt I had the chance to cut loose and wave my freak flag, and be silly and sick and nuts. So - thank you Iggi and Jesse!

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